2010. 6. 29.

lemon sorbet

I want to eat CRAZY~~~ lemon sorbet.
but, I have to work, now-_-
I drawed it.

2010. 6. 17.

20100614 young radish kimchi noodles

this is 'young radish kimchi noodles'.
It's very favorite food for Koreans.
(especially, Summer !!)

1. make soup stock out of dried  anchovies & dried kelps.
boil 10~15 minutes.
(Remove  from the fire and cool.)

2. boil the plain noodles.

3. put noodles on bowl.

4. pour the stock over the noodles.

5. put 'young radish kimchi ' on the noodles. and pour some kimchi liquid.

6. sprinkle sesame!

this recipe is very simple.
and, I don't like salty and strong taste.
so, It's very very very flat for you.^_^;